Decentralized Bitcoin Lending Platform
Earn by lending Bitcoin - top performing digital asset

LoanBit is powered by LoanBit Proprietary Limited, an Australian startup working as a mediator
between Bitcoin lenders and businesses looking for short-term loans in Bitcoins.

About Us

LoanBit grants loans to SMEs who are in need of short-term loans to expand their business within a very short time and as banks take a long time to process applications to grant a loan, we use a Blockchain based business model to make sure your business gets access to funds within 3 business days. Want to know how we operate? Read more about LoanBit Proprietary Limited here

LoanBit operates only with Bitcoin as it’s one of the most robust financial systems available in the market today. If you’re new to Bitcoin, please visit our Bitcoin Basics page

LoanBit uses its own financial resources as well as funds collected via our online platform to grant loans to SMEs. If you’re a LoanBit registered user and you have Bitcoins sitting in your wallet without any movement, you can use them wisely by placing them into our loan pool where you will receive a stable daily return. Read through our Guide to make sure you understand how we operate. If you understand our business concept and you’re ready to use our platform, you can take a look at LoanBit Interest Rates for our registered users.

Our unique features

Low entry level

Any registered user can start as low as 0.01 BTC

Stable Income

You receive viable returns on your lended coins and you have full control over it.

Fixed daily returns

Earn from 2.0% up to 4.0% daily by providing loans via our online lending platform.

On-demand withdrawal

Once your earning has been credited to your account – you’re free to place a request to be processed immediately - no delay nor extra fees are applied.

LoanBit Interest Rates

If you’re a registered user and you want to use your Bitcoins to receive high daily returns then our platform might be the ideal solution. Take a look at what we can offer you.
Loan Amount: 0.01 - 0.29 Ƀ
Daily Interest: 2.0%
Loan Duration: 7 days
Loan Return: Upon maturity
Gross Return: 114%
Loan Auto Roll: Not available
Loan Amount: 0.30 - 14.99 Ƀ
Daily Interest: 2.5%
Loan Duration: 14 days
Loan Return: Upon maturity
Gross Return: 135%
Loan Auto Roll: Not available
Loan Amount: 15.00 - 49.99 Ƀ
Daily Interest: 3.0%
Loan Duration: 21 days
Loan Return: Upon maturity
Gross Return: 163%
Loan Auto Roll: Available
Loan Amount: 50.00 - 249.99 Ƀ
Daily Interest: 4.0%
Loan Duration: 28 days
Loan Return: Upon maturity
Gross Return: 212%
Loan Auto Roll: Available
Instantenous payments interface

For partners

Want to maximize profit from LoanBit by bringing new lenders? Take advantage of our Partner program. You can even earn without spending Bitcoins: we will credit your account with commission if your partner becomes an active lender.
First level 4
Second level 2
Third level 1

LoanBit Global Stats

Loan Pool 341.991501879 Ƀ
Total Loans 267.90756010 Ƀ
Total Payments 144.25201400 Ƀ
Members Worldwide 3598 members