Why choose LoanBit?

LoanBit is bridging a gap between small & medium businesses looking for short-term funds to help support their current business activities & Bitcoin users looking for an opportunity to boost their gains by lending Bitcoins. The funds attracted via LoanBit are being used by real businesses which guarantees that our users will receive stable earnings on their capital.

What makes LoanBit different from others?

fast loan approval
earnings from Bitcoin lending
short-term capital return
transparent Blockchain transactions
impeccable support

If you’re a registered user and you want to use your Bitcoins to receive stable and high daily returns
then our platform might be ideal solution for you.

Take a look at what we can offer you.

LoanBit Interest Rates

Loan Amount Daily return Loan period
0.01 – 0.29 Ƀ 2.0% 7 days
0.30 - 14.99 Ƀ 2.5% 14 days
15.00 - 49.99 Ƀ 3.0% 21 days
50.00 - 249.99 Ƀ 4.0% 28 days
●   Loan returned upon maturity ●   Immediate payment on request

Our special features

Min hold period is just 7 days (get your capital back)
Instantaneous payouts in Bitcoins (we set higher transaction fees to make sure transactions get confirmed withing short time span)
Loan Auto Roll feature (available in Business & Corporate plans only)
Extra income from Affiliate Program

Use our custom made interest calculator to help understand how much you can make with LoanBit by placing your funds into our lending pool.

Amount (Ƀ) daily earning of %
Loan Duration in days
The result will surprise you
% daily
You’re just a few steps away from being an active user of LoanBit