How To Start?


If you have Bitcoins sitting idly in your wallet, we can offer you a chance to put them to work by placing them into our lending network pool where they will be used by an SME to expand their business activities. Once you place your loan with LoanBit you will get daily dividends on your lended coins for 7-28 days depending on the plan you purchase. Just follow these simple steps to get started with LoanBit lending offer.

4 simple steps

Step 1: Registration

We require a simple registration process. Submit your e-mail address and your account will be created automatically.
You will receive a notification with your username and password. You can’t change your username, but we highly recommend that you change your password. Make sure that you use a reliable e-mail service such as or similar email service platform to guarantee delivery of emails. Please, remember to check spam or junk folder.

Step 3: Withdraw interest

You can withdraw your daily interest earned from your loan. All you have to do is to request it from your account and our system will process it within seconds after your request. Please, note that you need to have at least
0.001 BTC in your account before you can place a withdraw request.

It’s easy to use LoanBit to receive daily payments and increase your Bitcoin capital.
Our platform is built from ground up to insure that businesses have access to Bitcoin funds to help them expand current activities and users placing funds into our network lending pool are able to receive stable dividends in Bitcoins.

LoanBit earnings are based on the borrowing fees that we set for borrowers. Fees are designed to cover part of our monthly costs of runing the platform.

Step 2: Bitcoin Lending

Once your account is created you can start placing your Bitcoin funds into our loan pool. Just login using your account credentials and proceed with account funding. Once you click on Start lending button and enter amount in Bitcoins you will be assigned a unique Bitcoin address that you can use to fund your account. Whenever you send an amount to this address and it gets confirmed in the Blockchain (minimum 3 confirmations are required), you will receive a notification e-mail. From this time on you’re eligible for daily dividends that depend on your seeded loan capital.

Step 4: Loan return/Reinvest

Our loan pool gives you a flexibility to choose the number of days that you will keep your Bitcoins in our pool, min loan period being just 7 days and maximum - 28 days.
We recommend a minimum loan period of 2 weeks to
see the potential that your loan capital can bring you.
If you want to test our platform, 7 days would be also a good option for you. You can lend your coins later on if you wish to do so.

For partners

We also provide an incentive for active users who want to popularize LoanBit. If you’re an active online user, you can earn up to 7% on every loan placed in our pool by one of your referred users. To learn more about it, read through our