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Sep-22-2017 07:26:35 PM
We welcome users from all across the globe and it's our desire to make sure you can use the site in your native language. Hence we started activating new languages.

Today you can surf by in Spanish too.

Just click the flag & it will automatically switch to Spanish .

#LoanBit Lend your Bitcoins in a smart way
Sep-11-2017 03:30:53 PM
Thanks to a newly launched, Blockchain based platform small business owners can receive capital needed to finance their new projects and Bitcoin holders can use lend their coins to get viable daily returns.

LoanBit Bitcoin borrowing and lending platform is powered by an Australian company LoanBit Proprietary Limited. You can check out Our Interest Rates for Bitcoin lenders to see how we look compared to the market.

Creating an account for a Bitcoin lender is very easy, just submit your email and you will get further instructions right to your email.

LoanBit - Loan your Bitcoins in a smart way.

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