LoanBit Proprietary Limited is registered in Australia, one of the most thriving markets where Bitcoin is being advocated on the national level.

LoanBit is a Blockchain based platform designed to provide SMEs access to Bitcoin capital at affordable rates from lenders across the globe. Small businesses have had systematic and disproportionately limited access to capital, yet they account for 92% of the firms, 70% of the new jobs and generate more than 45% of the GDP of their countries.

LoanBit is a state-of-the-art online lending platform aimed at providing business loans in the most efficient and affordable way. We hate bureaucracy and we strive to deliver results in the shortest time possible. We’re bridging a gap between small and medium businesses looking for short-term funds to help support their current business activities and Bitcoin users looking for an opportunity to earn from their Bitcoin investments. The funds attracted via LoanBit are used by real businesses, which guarantees that our users will receive stable earnings on their invested capital.

Features and Benefits

We provide you with a highly scalable, cutting-edge technology platform that gives you online onboarding tools, underwriting, credit scoring and ongoing risk monitoring all with an exceptional customer experience.

Higher profitability

Faster customer acquisition and cost-efficient lending services lead to higher origination volumes and increased profits.

Innovative technology

Seamless integration of online financial data providers automatically turns into a reliable customer profile and informs accurate underwriting.

Advanced credit risk models

A proven expertise in building credit models helps to achieve better performance of the loan portfolio.


Highly configurable and flexible platform seamlessly integrates into your online presence.

To apply for a loan

If you represent a business that has long-term plans and you can provide a short presentation proving this, send us your loan application at [email protected] We can then guarantee that your application will be reviewed within 2-3 business days. If your case is not strong enough, or if it needs some clarification, we will contact you and discuss further details.

Lend your Bitcoins and earn stable return

You just need to create an account by providing your e-mail, fund your account with Bitcoins and your loan will be automatically added to our network loan pool thus giving you a chance to receive high daily interest in Bitcoins.